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How Do You Vote Homer?

Why was the United States doing this now? Were the FBI and attorney general Loretta Lynch a tad slow?

The country's own leading family - The Simpsons - forecast Fifa arrests in an episode in March 2014, a fact many on social media were keen to point out.

Springfield's finest were visited by a representative from world football's governing body, who, before being handcuffed by authorities, calls for Homer - "a symbol of integrity" - to referee at the World Cup.  

 The US embraced the role its law enforcement played in shaking the game to its core and news of raids on Fifa buildings in Zurich and Miami only firmed up views that these dramatic days would be a gamechanger.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - a satirical TV news show running since 1996 with a huge US audience - compared Fifa's decision-makers to corrupt bankers, while online newspaper The Onion  stated America's reward should be to host a World Cup this summer.

"The beautiful irony is that Fifa has been trying for decades to get the Yanks interested in 'soccer'. They got the FBI interested at least," read one tweet.

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