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5 Different Features Make FIFA 17 Most Realistic Than Ever

Seeing the release date calendar of EA Sports, we can assume that FIFA 2017 will be coming out during September 22nd to September 25th in 2016. We already have wish list ready for FIFA 17 features and comparing to the last edition of FIFA game series, EA Sports FIFA 17 have lots of chances to improve when it comes to game play.We can feel it in the air. The players are pulling on their boots, donning their freshly pressed home kits, coifing their hair and praying to David Beckham's right foot. It's time to start the battle once more – the battle of FIFA vs PES.

And this year it's all to play for. As FIFA 17 squares up to PES 2017, both have got a lot to prove. Is PES 2017 still the thinking gamer's footie game? Has FIFA 17 got enough to stay on top against its Japanese-made rival?Well we've had a first play of PES 2017 and it's looking great, but what EA Sports has in store for us with FIFA 17 might just take this rivalry into the penalties. 

Here are the five features that currently make FIFA 17 the most realistic FIFA game ever:


One  big tech advancement that's gone into FIFA 17 is rewriting the set pieces in a way that you're taking control in every dead ball situations for more jump out of your seat occasions. 

That means that how you take corners and penalties has changed exponentially. You now have control over your speed of approach, your run-up techniques, power on the ball, last minute directional changes and more for penalties and free-kicks, which makes pulling off a successful goal a lot more challenging. We're definitely going to have to practice the techniques a lot before we're confident enough to take on the goalie. 

For corners, you can now choose where to aim your kick using a reticule that you can make invisible so your mate sitting next to you on the sofa won't see where you're aiming. Before you kick though, you can also switch to the receiver to make sure he's ready to get on the end of that ball you're putting in the box.


FIFA 17 is the first game in the series to run on the Frostbite Engine. That's the same game engine powering Battlefield 4, Battlefield: Hardline, Star Wars: Battlefront, the upcoming Battlefield 1 and more. 

And what that means for FIFA 17 is that you should expect more realistic player models, play that's more emotive and realistic, more impressive lighting – especially when playing at night – and gameplay that actually feels like a real football match, with all the footwork intricacy you'd expect from real-world players. 


And finally, all your hard work will be supported by your teammates powered by a totally revamped new AI system – the Active Intelligence System. It's a huge leap forward for positioning of your teammates, where they have a better broader understanding and analysis of the space on the pitch. They will understand how the spaces are occupied and by whom, then moving to a position that exploits that space.

That means your players will move into the more strategic positions. No longer will they run straight for the box if there's an open space on the wing that you could curve a ball into for a better shot at goal.


Regardless of the position you favour, it seems that the overall gameplay arc will be the same. A lot of your time will be spent training, as the professionals do, working to impress your manager in order to get a better chance at being in the Starting 11 and not on the bench. The training you do will also affect Alex's attributes and player growth too, allowing you to play to your own FIFA strengths. 

For every big match, if you make it off the bench, you'll be given a variety of objectives to tick off if you can, ranging from making a certain number of passes, scoring the winning goal or even just having top notch tackling skills. Your overall score for each match is located in the top right hand corner and you'll be graded on everything you do. 


The big changes in gameplay aren't just coming to The Journey, you'll be relieved to hear. FIFA 17 is a marked upgrade on last year's FIFA 16, in more ways than one. 

The new Frostbite engine has allowed EA Sports to introduce a number of new gameplay features the devs have been working on for two years. What you'll immediately notice is the new pushback technology, which allows the players to react in a more human way to how they receive balls and be more physical in their approach. 

Suddenly you're able to jostle other players and fight to get in a better receiving position, especially for corners and throw-ins. It finally brings the added tension between teams that FIFA  has been missing on the pitch. 

There are also more opportunities to protect your ball possession thanks to the addition of shielding. No longer do you have to stop to shield the ball, you can now execute a 360-degree shield dribble by holding down RB (on the Xbox One), which allows you to have much more control of the ball. 

Another great new feature is in-air shielding. When you hoof a ball down the pitch, the receiver used to only be able to head the ball in the air. In FIFA 17, you can bring the ball down to your feet rather than having to head it out by pulling LT. 


FIFA 17 release date: TBC 2016

Available on: Xbox One (tested), PS4 and PC

Developer: EA Sports

Publisher: EA Games

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