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A surprisingly large number of emotional reactions in FIFA 16

It is a nice touch for the avid soccer fan.If you are a true fan of the team,you always have to know that is merely a distraction in the FIFA 16 spend more time playing games than watching the news you can be collected from elsewhere.

I have some problems in the game first touch control. It seems, sometimes, the first touch exaggerated far beyond what I tell my players to do so.Rather than a gentle touch over the years committed defender, my first tee ball often soaring past we have entered the other team's body. That no matter how gently I came to hold the left stick in a given direction.

Then, in the improvement of FIFA 16 graphics never dramatic, but they compelling. Face is more expressive, and claims to have 600 EA FIFA 16 emotional reaction, may be able to see during the game; the players from the opposing team to push, push each other and bark had engaged in a series of post-positive physical fighting in course of the game. After scoring a belter striker looks happy and assistant referees themselves ... when twitching nose, making offside calls. Perhaps it is not necessary, but it is a tiny detail, increased realism on yet another layer of the planet's most authentic soccer SIM card.

A surprisingly large number of emotional reactions in FIFA 16.

As FIFA 16, Xbox version of the game this year has a very big ace up its sleeve. Simply put: If you use Kinect have not played the World Cup, you have not really played FIFA. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it still works in the offline game, FIFA 16 Kinect is still just an amazing miracle. It not only allows you to operate the submarine without pause when your player career mode, you can do things like call teammate to pass the ball to you, or for target shooting, told a corner where the aim recipients or indicate your goalie hasty attack opponents. As a Kinect device certainly has its problems, but voice control FIFA 16 is definitely not one of them.

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