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As the importance of a professional referee in FIFA 15

Professional referee in FIFA 15 were added to the sporting title for the first time.

As the importance of a professional referee in FIFA 15.

Martin Atkinson, Phil Dowd and Mike Dean joined fictional favourites Scott McBeanie, Hayden Pennyfeather and Derek Milborrow in what many fans thought might one day put the fluorescent men in their hands.

A chance to run the line and dish out cards would be excellent. What better way to spend an evening by officiating your way up the leagues for a chance to blow the whistle for kick-off at a cup final?

Referees aren’t robots, they’re human and the odd mistake happens. Decisions you make could be scored against AI during a game just like the player performance rating and your personality and interpretation of the rules would influence action on the pitch.

Strikers could get the benefit of doubt during those hair-line offside calls and you would finally have the power to decide whether it was ball to hand or hand to ball.

But wait…

You can disappear spray free kick, the premise is referees get new animations in FIFA 16.

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