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FIFA approve trial of video technology in football Tri-County Sun Times

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has approved live trials of video technology to aid referees. Federation Internationale de Football Association must make the 2026 World Cup bidding process "absolutely bullet-proof" because the entire organization's credibility is at stake, new president Gianni Infantino said on Friday. We have shown that we are listening to the fans, to the players, to football. Speaking of the idea of implementing it soon, Infantino said, "We can not close our eyes to the future but it doesn't mean to say it will work. We have to acknowledge we are in 2016 and we have to be open to change", he said. 

"I was thinking about this on the plane", said Infantino, who was then driven to Wales for a meeting of football's rule-makers on Friday. 

English Football Association CEO Martin Glenn added that 13 leagues or associations have expressed an interest in hosting trials. 

There are limitations, as it will only be used for goals - including offside calls - red cards, cases of mistaken identity and penalties. 

English football has received the go-ahead to use video technology. 

"The flow of the game is crucial". 

IFAB, which meets once a year to consider revisions to the laws of the game, is expected to approve trials for video technology to start next season and cheap fifa 16 coins also endorse the first major rewriting of the game's law-book since the 1930s. The assistant can either review an incident on request by the referee or communicate with the referee proactively about an incident. "We need to make sure that bidding process that we put in place is absolutely bullet-proof". 



Cost-cutting was a key theme in Infantino's campaign, the flip side of promises he made to double cash handouts to FIFA's 209 member associations to $5 million every four years, and fifa 16 coins also to give $40 million to soccer's six regional confederations. 

One of the most significant changes regards the so-called triple-punishment of sending off, penalty and suspension for the denial of an obvious goal-scoring opportunity within the penalty area. Also on the agenda on Saturday is sin-bins and the possibility of allowing a fourth substitute in extra time in cup competitions. 

From June, the ball can move in any direction from kickoff and players can be treated on the field if they are injured by a challenge that is punished by a yellow or red card. 

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