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FIFA approves testing of video technology in football

The expectation is not to achieve 100 per cent accuracy in decisions for every single incident, but to avoid clearly incorrect decisions that are pre-defined "game-changing" situations - goals, penalty decisions, direct red card incidents and mistaken identity. 

The International Football Association Board (IFAB), the game's lawmaking body founded in 1886 and some 18 years before FIFA, comprises four members from the world body and one from each of the four British associations. 

English football has received the go-ahead to use video technology. 

Claudio Ranieri, manager of Premier League leaders Leicester, believes the changes should be embraced, stating: "I think the technology helps everybody - players, managers, referees. We need to make sure that bidding process that we put in place is absolutely bullet-proof". 

GOP maintains Supreme Court roadblock 

New FIFA president Gianni Infantino said of the trial: "We have taken a really historic decision for football".

 "We wanted to bring some common sense to the laws, to reflect what football expects the referees to do today and cheap fifa 16 coins eliminate the confusion in the game", he said. 

IFAB will have to approve all trials, with 13 leagues or associations already expressing an interest in hosting tests. Speaking of the idea of implementing it soon, Infantino said, "We can not close our eyes to the future but it doesn't mean to say it will work". 



It is four years since IFAB approved the introduction of technology to determine whether the ball crossed the line. 

Nebraska Democrats set to caucus in state's 93 counties 

That job description seemed weaker than the one envisaged in December by FIFA's reform committee: "The president should be the public "ambassador" of Federation Internationale de Football Association and fifa 16 coins aim to foster a positive image of the organization". 

"So the use of video assistance will help the referee enormously".

 The IFAB also agreed to allow experimentation with a fourth substitution in extra time within a competition/league(s) still to be decided on.

 "You can ask any director in Uefa, one of my priorities has always been to try to optimise the costs as we have to be responsible about the money which is not our money but is football's money - and I'm very serious about that". 

Scott Kelly grew taller during year in space

 So-called "triple punishment" - when players who deny a goal scoring opportunity in the box are punished by a red card, penalty and suspension - will be altered with offenders remaining on the pitch if they have attempted to make a legitimate tackle. 

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