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FIFA approves testing of video technology in football

"I'm a pragmatic person", Infantino told a news briefing on the sidelines of a meeting of the International Football Association Board (IAFB).

It comes four years after the IFAB approved the introduction of technology to determine whether the ball crossed the line.

"We wanted to bring some common sense to the laws, to reflect what football expects the referees to do today and eliminate the confusion in the game", he said.

"I was elected by the FIFA congress to be the leader of FIFA - to be leading FIFA, not to be the ambassador of FIFA or to be the deputy of the general secretary of FIFA", Infantino said.

Football's global lawmakers have approved live trials of video technology to aid referees in what new FIFA president Gianni Infantino claimed as a "historic decision " ".

New FIFA president Gianni Infantino on Friday blasted the storm of corruption allegations engulfing the 2018 and cheap fifa 16 coins 2022 World Cups as "a lot of speculation" but backed up by "not a single fact".

"Football is such a successful sport because some wise people have protected the history but we cannot close our eyes to progress" . Martin Glenn, the FA chief executive, said it was important to maintain the flow of the game and Ford said if the experiment was deemed unsuccessful at the end of the two-year period, the idea would be abandoned.

Numerous football associations have already expressed support for introducing video technology and the Dutch Federation (Knvb) have already carried out their own tests into the feasibility of using video to help match officials.



The experiment is set to see a video assistant referee given access to replay monitors and will review actions on the request of the referee or by proactively alerting referees to uncertain incidents. "The real live tests will be at the latest 2017-18, but we will start immediately, looking offline and online to fine tune everything and then it will be tested, in friendly matches as well" . "We need to make sure that bidding process that we put in place is absolutely bullet-proof".

Any amendment to the Laws of the Game requires a majority of six out of eight votes.

Also on the agenda on Saturday is sin-bins and fifa 16 coins the possibility of allowing a fourth substitute in extra time in cup competitions.

One of the most significant changes regards the so-called triple-punishment of sending off, penalty and suspension for the denial of an obvious goal-scoring opportunity within the penalty area.

Ted Cruz wins most of the delegates in Wyoming's GOP primary

And Jaemi Levine, who supports Cruz said she hopes "we could bring back the elegance of Nancy Reagan back to the White House". Marco Rubio said Saturday that he still plans to support the Republican nominee, but it's "getting harder every day".

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