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FIFA virus The Spanish teams worrying


Last weekend, the punters expected FIFA virus did not affect the la liga, Barcelona, real Madrid and atletico Madrid are contestants, this weekend la liga is five, six, day, guess four days in a row. Team situation is more difficult than the weekend, real Madrid and Barcelona injuries continue to increase, sevilla, valencia, pressure drop feel heavy pressure, both opponents and weekend is not weak, "FIFA virus" may be late for a week, at the end of the week delay.

"FIFA virus" or delay attack

Recently "western" super pair under strain, real Madrid and Barcelona wound of main together, take the Spanish champions completely is not a problem. Real Madrid has hurt his bell, oaxaca, benzema, luka modric, ramos (could), J, o WeiLuoYa, pepe, as two or three star "the Milky Way battleship" to be able to withstand, at seven or eight missing, is sure to have a significant impact for transfers-will; Although Barcelona's injury list is not long, but the location is very concentrated, after Lionel messi, andres iniesta, lafite, injured, this season's popular reuse of roberto for weeks central crown was injured again, as a result, Barcelona's attacking midfielder lucky vidic was left alone. Real Madrid and Barcelona last weekend win against levante, respectively, and the column of kano, but after were hanging, this weekend against celta and Mr Anwar "dark horse", is likely to surprise a lot.

"Elite" difficult to break the fate

Both is almost the spell of the Spanish "elite", the last two seasons of the royal society and athletic bilbao league due to the dual collapse, has yet to recover and back to 11-12 season villarreal forward again, real betis, 13 and 14 season, all because of the dual lead to relegation. This season, valencia and sevilla not ideal start to the season, although both strength not weak, but the thickness of the squad is much couldn't compared with those of top giants valencia, summer is not cheap, but mostly for the last season, the real increase of men few; Sevilla are the continuation of the tradition of "buy low/sell high, carlos barca, Alexis - than blocks such as high price, and new signing has not meet expectations, at present both in the middle position in the league, such as celta and villarreal under the impact of emerging powers, next season's champions league qualification is problematic.


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