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  • FIFA afraid Hong Kong fans to offend the motherland

    FIFA afraid Hong Kong fans to offend the motherland

    China and Hong Kong, China to the World Cup group stage, due to the recent period of time China Hong Kong strength increase, so the game in the Hong Kong media seems to be a "Derby". But unfortunately, the FIFA rules it is only allowed to sell 3000 tickets, reason is worried that the Hong Kong fans "betrayal" of their motherland.Hong Kong media columnist James poti, pius questioned the FIFA the li...

  • FIFA corruption network continues to expand

    FIFA corruption network continues to expand

    On October 31, 2015, Evergrande and the national security of the Chinese super league final caught the attention of the whole country fan. The more eye-catching is the sidelines of an advertisement: extended a warm welcome to cristiano ronaldo, messi to zhejiang satellite TV guide youth soccer! Pitch synchronous with the AD appeared on both sides the FIFA Online 3 marks. The AD attracted everybodys attention and spec...

  • An afc champions Big phil win epic showdown

    An afc champions Big phil win epic showdown

    October 31 local time, FIFAs official website to "Evergrande league crowned" title for the fifth consecutive Evergrande emphatically reported. Think of the media to Evergrande give praise, at the same time, also do not forget to mention luiz felipe scolari and sven goran erikssons epic showdown.Chinese super 30 rounds, guangzhou Evergrande 2-0 victory over Beijing guoan, eventually to win the advantage of t...

  • The FIFA President campaign released list

    The FIFA President campaign released list

    FIFA announced on its website on Thursday night the next President election list of candidates, including the uefa President michel platini, Jordans prince ali, seven candidates will compete for FIFAs new owners.26 is confirmed for the FIFA President deadline. FIFA, 28, said in a statement, according to members of the association shall, in accordance with the prescribed time and in the form of recommendations, a tota...

  • Afc main running for FIFA

    Afc main running for FIFA

    At present, the seven candidates from four continents have been announced for FIFAs new chairman of the general election in February next year, an international football political storm is coming. In the drama of the international football, China football only realise role?Seven candidates, widely considered to be a "Eurasian battle". Michel platini was number one, but influenced by "grounded 90 days&q...

  • Platini: FIFA President I am the best candidate

    Platini: FIFA President I am the best candidate "grounded" is not a bad thing

    Michel platini 28 voice again, in the midst of a scandal insisted that he was the best person to take over as FIFA President. He said he is like a medieval knight, going to trying to conquer the fort, but his head was constantly "pour boiling hot oil".27, announced the competition to be the next chairman of FIFA list of seven candidates, michel platini. Platini said, he worked as a player, coach, at the sam...

  • Eight candidates will compete for new throne

    Eight candidates will compete for new throne

    FIFA (FIFA) is opening a formal new chairman election candidates. A total of eight candidates from four continents eventually declared his candidacy, they will be held on February 26, special elections vying for the new President.The eight candidates are: 60, the Frenchman michel platini, the uefa President, vice President of FIFA), 57, French is nirvana (former FIFAs head of international relations), 45, the Swiss f...

  • FIFA has not yet announced the list of candidates

    FIFA has not yet announced the list of candidates

    39, prince ali was Jordans kings younger brother, starting in 2011 into the FIFA, in 2015, he formally announced his candidacy, chairman of FIFA and submit the campaign material.Michel platini has been one of the greatest players in world football, but also the success of the football world rare politician. But as FIFA corruption in deeper and deeper platini also get involved, which makes his credibility received gre...


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