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  • PS4

    PS4 "FIFA16 great champions hot open recruitment

    By playing a game, the game more time VGtime, video bus, special network held in guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong "" FIFA16 great champions" formally recruited contestants from now on, events will be held in PlayStation platform. Cheng invited love FIFA, football game players to participate in the game, with all the FIFA like-minded people share the joy of the game of competitive.The game will b...

  • Chung mong-joon from FIFA's general election

    Chung mong-joon from FIFA's general election

    "Grounded" six years ago, Korean chung, vice President of FIFA announced his retirement from FIFA President elections next February.Yesterday was the deadline of confirmation for FIFA President sepp. Because in the process of the 2022 World Cup bid unethical FIFA rules, chung earlier this month by the ethics committee "grounded" six years, since chung to the Swiss court and the international sport...

  • FIFA diagram to the offside rule

    FIFA diagram to the offside rule

    Players in, as shown in figure C has been in offside position, and he did not interfere with each other. At that time, A forward pass, B run forward (note: the picture B, B1, B2 are players dotted line running orientation of B players), place in B2 get close to the ball, then pass the ball to C. C after the ball, at this time should not be offside, because when he meet B passes, is in the back of the ball, in short, ...

  • England's bid to host the World Cup alleged violations

    England's bid to host the World Cup alleged violations

    Michel platini and blatter was forbidden to participate in the activities of football, the sun disclosure of the British royal family and David Beckham has also been embroiled in scandal, FIFA when they apply for the 2018 World Cup in England is alleged violations.UK to apply for "iron triangle" of the 2018 World Cup bid is prince William, prime minister David Cameron and football icon David Beckham, the UK...

  • Beckenbauer FIFA announced the investigation

    Beckenbauer FIFA announced the investigation

    FIFAs corruption scandal intensified. Yesterday, FIFA (FIFA) announced on the official website, German football legend Franz beckenbauer and now host uefa FIFA vice-president Mr. Bilal is under FIFA ethics committee investigation.FIFAs ethics committee yesterday announced the investigation of a list of 11 people, including nine people have been named before, including football bosses blatter, michel platini, beckenba...

  • Michel platini is still expected to run

    Michel platini is still expected to run

    FIFA (FIFA) recently committee special meeting held at its headquarters in Zurich, determine the conference held on February 26, special elections next years new chairman of FIFA.FIFA issued an injunction 8th of this month, President sepp blatter, former secretary general Mr G with previous campaign calls for high vice President michel platini within 90 days for all football related activities. If FIFA additional 45 ...

  • FIFA virus The Spanish teams worrying

    FIFA virus The Spanish teams worrying

    Last weekend, the punters expected FIFA virus did not affect the la liga, Barcelona, real Madrid and atletico Madrid are contestants, this weekend la liga is five, six, day, guess four days in a row. Team situation is more difficult than the weekend, real Madrid and Barcelona injuries continue to increase, sevilla, valencia, pressure drop feel heavy pressure, both opponents and weekend is not weak, "FIFA virus&q...

  • FIFA official proposal shall practise a system of chairman rotates

    FIFA official proposal shall practise a system of chairman rotates

    About the reform of FIFAs FIFA audit compliance committee chairman 20, la scala offers FIFA "" chairman rotation system is executed in the future, it can effectively change the world footballs governing body of the political ecology.FIFA is scheduled for next year on February 26, elect a new President, to replace since 1998 has been chairman of blatter, and the FIFA President is "grounded" for cor...


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