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  • FIFA player Hachim Mastour's data

    FIFA player Hachim Mastour's data

    Hachim Mastour (born 15 June 1998) is a Moroccan professional footballer who plays for Italian club Milan and the Morocco national football team. He plays primarily as an attacking midfielder, and became the youngest player to represent Morocco at senior international level.International careerMastour was capped six times and scored once for Italy under-16s.He made his international debut on 18 August 2013, playing t...

  • Focus on youth team of FIFA

    Focus on youth team of FIFA

    General famous players will be in the early days of the training, that is, the so-called youth team.But theres a definite lack of care and attention toward the youth teams of FIFA.You should think of ways to get involved in your squads burgeoning young talents.This is a factor of you becoming the ultimate manager.While the scouting systems have seen attention over the years, this is an area that has been all but i...



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  • Where is the interaction in FIFA 16?

    Where is the interaction in FIFA 16?

    This game needs you to organize your team and get the many systems just how you want them.So you should take long time to setting up a career mode. Football has become a drama on and off the pitch, and FIFA is one of the most dry experiences out there, removing all the charisma from the off-field action. Wouldnt it be fantastic if EA took a leaf out of Football Managers book, and pitted you against the press in a con...

  • 15 lucky player will get an invitation to FIFA 16 limited Beta

    15 lucky player will get an invitation to FIFA 16 limited Beta

    EA Sports random invitations to Xbox One and PS4 FIFA 15 players,Invited players will be able to participate in the August 13th day of the FIFA16 closed-beta scheduled to kick off .There is rumors about some people receiving invitations for last-gen consoles although there wasn’t any news whether the beta will be featured on Xbox 360 and PS3. The lucky players who will get to try FIFA 16 in this closed-b...

  • As the importance of a professional referee in FIFA 15

    As the importance of a professional referee in FIFA 15

    Professional referee in FIFA 15 were added to the sporting title for the first time.Martin Atkinson, Phil Dowd and Mike Dean joined fictional favourites Scott McBeanie, Hayden Pennyfeather and Derek Milborrow in what many fans thought might one day put the fluorescent men in their hands.A chance to run the line and dish out cards would be excellent. What better way to spend an evening by officiating your way up the l...

  • FIFA 16 video game has the fastest sales records

    FIFA 16 video game has the fastest sales records

    With Messi on the FIFA cover of pop,fifa 16 holds the record for the fastest-selling video game.Ever since FIFA International Soccer launched back in 1993 fans have regularly heaped praise on EA for the realistic gameplay, belting soundtracks and inventive options like FUT that have set the standard in sports gaming.Equally fans have criticised the developers EA Sports for the lack of depth and seemingly increment...

  • FIFA will make changes in FIFA Ultimate Team

    FIFA will make changes in FIFA Ultimate Team

    Liverpool ace Countinho and Chelsea striker Diego Costa who are top Premier League stars have the best and worst misses of last season,still has the support of the fans.However, that hasnt stopped FIFA 15 fans carrying on and putting together some of the The best/worst FIFA 15 misses we’ve seen all season.The guys at EA have even put together a new montage of what they believe are the top choices and includ...


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