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  • The Context of Training in FIFA

    The Context of Training in FIFA

    This may actually be my favourite new feature. If you press R3 during play, the game brings up a “contextual overlay system” above the player you are controlling, providing a selection of possible moves. If you’re just dribbling the ball in your own half, it’ll probably just suggest short or long passes, together with the relevant button, but once in the opponent’s te...

  • Wrapping A Foot Around the Ball

    Wrapping A Foot Around the Ball

    Fifa has had ball physics for ages, but now Channon says his team is modelling the interaction between the foot and the ball in 3D space – thereby leading to more emergent behaviours as one meets the other.What does that mean? Well, if you hit the ball from a slight angle your player is more likely to get their foot around it, adding extra spin and therefore giving it a curved flight.This new capability to ...

  • PES 2016 Feels Better Than Last Year

    PES 2016 Feels Better Than Last Year

    Right off the bat, the graphics are an improvement to last year’s installment. The gameplay technicality has improved and become more realistic. Players now battle in the air for headers and the new stumble animation add a more realistic effect to gameplay. PES 2016 has a much more natural feel to the gameplay.A lot of current features have also been enhanced by Konami, from the renewed Expert Group, which ...

  • FIFA 16 on Pro Evolution Soccer

    FIFA 16 on Pro Evolution Soccer

    Early signs are pointing to Pro Evolution Soccer beating FIFA 16 on the soccer gaming market. PES won the popular “Best Activities Activity of the Year” prize last season and extra developments and modifications provide it the top side sprinter currently. Up to now, the significant women’s addition into FIFA will be the first of it’s type, but nothing really leaps out about FIF...

  • Fiorentina Are Optimistic to Extend Another Season

    Fiorentina Are Optimistic to Extend Another Season

    The Florence club has been negotiating with Chelsea to keep hold of the Egypt international, who is also a reported target of Inter Milan.Salah, 23, joined Fiorentina on transfer deadline day in February from Chelsea and scored seven goals in 12 appearances to help Fiorentina finish fourth in Serie A."We are working on it," Fiorentina president Andrea Della Valle said to the Italian press. "Its the cru...

  • Jose Mourinho Supports to Sell Petr Cech

    Jose Mourinho Supports to Sell Petr Cech

    Cech spent 10 years as Chelseas first-choice goalkeeper but completed a move across the capital on Monday after falling behind Thibaut Courtois in Mourinhos selection.The Portuguese would have preferred Cech to stay, rather than strengthen a rival, but respected Abramovichs decision to allow a distinguished servant to choose his next destination and Cech chose to remain in London."I support the owners decision t...

  • Research Angle

    Research Angle

    Traversing has always been a controversial factor of the Fifa world cup experience: too simple to ranking from in 2014 and too challenging in 2015.So what will 2016 bring? “What we’re trying to do now is cause the gamer a bit more,” says Channon. “In past activities passes across would be a bit rectangle, but now gamers will put it a little bit forward to get the enemy to run o...

  • No-touch Dribbling of FIFA 16

    No-touch Dribbling of FIFA 16

    Modern players are skilled at maintaining control of the football – while dribbling a basketball or while fixed – without actually in contact with it. “If you look at companies Messi and Ronaldo, they whole body feint and do a lot of activity around the football,” says Channon.Fifa 16 tries to imitate this, using the remaining fender button. As regular, moving the remaining sti...


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