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  • No FIFA 16 For Nintendo Users

    No FIFA 16 For Nintendo Users

    It is believed that EA will only be making FIFA 16 available only for the following systems: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.According to popular gaming site, polygon, FIFA 16 will not be on any handheld games such as Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, even though last year FIFA15 was on these devices.Another news that has been a shocker is that there has been no signs of the FIFA 1...

  •  PES 2016 of FIFA 16

    PES 2016 of FIFA 16

    Neymar has clearly given his stamp of approval for PES 2016. In the trailer below, we see uncanny similarity with real life players, in both attitude and image. The crowd seems more interactive, but the graphics are seemingly lacking. Take a look for yourself.Historically Konami has always released the game within a week (before or after) of FIFA’s release but last year konami pushed the release date to 11 ...

  • Next Pro Evolution Soccer Installment

    Next Pro Evolution Soccer Installment

    Konami is set to reveal full details of their next Pro Evolution Soccer installment, PES 2016, tomorrow, June 12. PES is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and have laid stake to the soccer gaming market with their slogan “The Pitch is Ours.” PES 2016 has jumped the gun ahead of its competitor, EA Sports’ FIFA 16, in hopes of luring fans to their franchise.Konami has already an...

  • First Gameplay Trailer

    First Gameplay Trailer

    On Monday, EA Sports release their first gameplay trailer for FIFA 16. The hype is already building up around the most popular sports game on the planet.The nearly two minutes clip starts out with one of the most recognizable voices in football, Pele.“Beautiful football. The game played by the entire planet. The game that brings us together. The game made up by many faces. But the beauty is in the moment. P...

  • What You Must To Know

    What You Must To Know

    Moments ago, EA Sports officially released the gameplay trailer and announced new features for FIFA 16 at the E3 conference.The video opens with the Brazilian legend Pele signifying the epic nature of the upcoming installment. This year’s slogan is “Play Beautiful,” representing the wide array of a game that encompasses the ‘beautiful game.’Pele is giving the official...

  • Several Legends Who Will Disappear in FIFA 16

    Several Legends Who Will Disappear in FIFA 16

    Steven Gerrard is not taking a one way rocket to Jupiter, he’s not even retiring. The media circus around Steven Gerrard’s Liverpool farewell was incredibly over the top, but it’s hard to argue against him being an outstanding player.Gerrard is one of Liverpool’s greatest legends, a huge compliment considering the array of talent they’ve had over the years, and this i...

  • Andrea Pirlo and Didier Drogba

    Andrea Pirlo and Didier Drogba

    Andrea Pirlo is one of the dying breed of classic midfielders, with pinpoint passing and unbelievable composure making up for his age, as he still provides a crucial service to Juventus.His FIFA stats are also staggering, with 96 vision, 95 long passing, 92 short passing and 92 ball control. He’s a cool, collected character to use though he could be about to start a decline.The Italian is still contracted t...

  • Robin Van Persie and Frank Lampard

    Robin Van Persie and Frank Lampard

    There’s no denying Robin Van Persie was a sensational player at his peak. He dominated for Arsenal and had a remarkable debut campaign with Manchester United, and for that reason, he jumped up to an 88 rating.Van Persie is one of the top finishers on the game, and with 92 volleys, 91 finishing, 90 shot power and 90 positioning, he’s an unbelievable poacher.He could stay at United for another seaso...


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