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  • Sensational FIFA 16

    Sensational FIFA 16

    The 2014/2015 football season is done, that means it’s time for FIFA gamers to enjoy the last of FIFA 15 and prepare for a supposed sensational FIFA 16. The E3 conference kicks off next week, where we will all find out new features that will be included in the game. Already, we know that the inclusion of women international teams will be the first major feature of the upcoming installment.We are now on the ...

  • Best FIFA 16 Wishlist

    Best FIFA 16 Wishlist

    FIFA 16 is only months away and we can tell that anticipation is building. Full FIFA has compiled the ultimate BEST wishlist and rumored improvements for the next installment of the FIFA series – FIFA 16. In this slide show we will list possible improvements for FIFA 16 and the ultimate wishlist for FIFA gamers.Gameplay changes neededHandballs are never given FIFA 15. This feature must be included in the ne...

  • New Improvements For FIFA 16

    New Improvements For FIFA 16

    Free-Player PacksReports have claimed that with FIFA 16, EA will look to give away one free-player pack per week. Free-player packs will allow prudent players to try their lucks at getting try a few of the best names in the market. However, the cards would have to be made untradeable to stop the market from being flooded with coins.Special Card Position in FUT A special card for position changes may also be on the ca...

  • More Interactive Crowds

    More Interactive Crowds

    Change in GameplayA host of changes to the titles overall gameplay element has also been discussed. There were a few nibbling issues in FIFA 15 that both the fans and developers will want to address successfully. For instance, reports claim that many complained about how in FIFA 15 handballs were never given. Also, fans are looking forward to a ball-landing indicator every time the ball goes in the air. Others, howev...

  • FIFA 16 Already on The Way?

    FIFA 16 Already on The Way?

    Though EA has released FIFA 15 quite some time ago, we know a host of players who are still stuck to the earlier FIFA 14.And one of the main reasons to that being most of them are waiting for the game’s price tag to go down a bit. Nonetheless, here we are already dealing with the upcoming FIFA 16.EA’s next big football simulator for the coming year, as expected, is said to arrive with a host of ne...

  • Fifa 16 Designers

    Fifa 16 Designers

    The England players were scanned at St Georges Park in February.Eniola Aluko told BBC Sport: "I think it shows where the [womens] games going in terms of how fans can engage with us in a game. Its really cool although its a bit weird to do all pictures and facial expressions but it will be nice to see how it will all turn out."My little brother will be very excited to play me on Fifa. Hell find it fascinati...

  • The Group on Fifa 16

    The Group on Fifa 16

    Some countries:Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the United States of America.Houghton will lead her country to the summer World Cup, beginning on 6 June in Canada, with England to meet Colombia, France and Mexico in their group.But will Fifa-16 designers give the England players the skills in a virtual reality setting that they showcase in real life? Will H...

  • International Women's Teams

    International Women's Teams

    International womens teams will feature in football video game Fifa 2016 for the first time in its history.England captain Steph Houghton and her team-mates have been included with 11 other womens sides for play in one of several game modes.Until now only mens teams have featured on the popular EA Sports game which was first released in 1993."To be one of the first female players included is something well alway...


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