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  • Faced With Anger

    Faced With Anger

    Blatter was the public villain, though the 79-year-old was not one of the people charged."If Blatter had even a crumb of dignity remaining, hed walk away now, creep back to his lair, sit in his armchair and stroke his cat," added Lineker . That was never going to happen. Blatters name did not appear anywhere in the 161-page US indictment, though it did show up in over 390,000 tweets between his speech in...

  • Waking Of Fifa

    Waking Of Fifa

    Wednesdays dawn raid of a five-star hotel lent a little Hollywood blockbuster drama to what looked like being a routine election victory for Blatter. Candidates Luis Figo and Michael van Praag each pulled out a week before the vote, leaving a straight two-horse race for a term as head of footballs world power house.Figo added on Facebook: "People who love football such as I do, will remember 27 May as one of ...

  • How Do You Vote Homer?

    How Do You Vote Homer?

    Why was the United States doing this now? Were the FBI and attorney general Loretta Lynch a tad slow?The countrys own leading family - The Simpsons - forecast Fifa arrests in an episode in March 2014, a fact many on social media were keen to point out.Springfields finest were visited by a representative from world footballs governing body, who, before being handcuffed by authorities, calls for Homer - "a symbol ...

  • Evolutionary Drama

    Evolutionary Drama

    In less than 48 hours, over 79,000 tweets posts used the Fifa arrests hashtag, while Fifagate was the topic of over 92,000 communications on Twitter.Across the world, world footballs regulating body was under a highlight, illumination up public networking as the tale progressed and more of the events engaged provided presentations. The discussion worldwide modified from discuss of Fifa world cup on Wed to Blatter on ...

  • Fifa Elections

    Fifa Elections

    Fifa world cup elections are tedious, right?A lot of men in matches, choosing another man we will see in a fit at soccer matches for years to come.But present the prospective for legal cases, raids on a resort, a fault activity and a blast risk and what have you got? The crazy western of democracy, or in this case, the Fifa world cup presidential selection of 2015.Yes, Sepp Blatter obtained a fifth phrase as the head...

  • Next Major European Football FIFA 16

    Next Major European Football FIFA 16

    EA Access is a big reason to get an Xbox One over Sony’s PS4 video game console. When Electronic Arts announced the subscription service last year, many were upset that they didn’t have access to the service on PS4, thinking it was a deliberate attempt by Microsoft to shore up sales of its console.As it turns out, Sony refused to work with Electronic Arts on EA Access because it felt EA Access did...

  • A Head Start on Players

    A Head Start on Players

    When users sign up for EA Access, they aren’t just getting a single download for that $5, but Xbox One downloads of every single game in The Vault. When users stop paying for EA Access, the games does stop working. At that point user are free to buy a digital copy of the game at a discount before their subscription lapses and keep their game save. Users can also buy a physical copy of the game to use with t...

  • Is EA Access Worth Buying?

    Is EA Access Worth Buying?

    Launched last year, FIFA 16’s main claim to fame was a new Ultimate Team feature that allowed gamers to sign players for a trial run. It also introduced a new game mode where users could create their own team containing all of their favorite players. Like with its other sports titles, EA geared FIFA 16 towards fans who wanted a hyper realistic simulation of their favorite sport. Every player, every stadium,...


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