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Players' feelings about FIFA 16 app for Windows Phone

Today,as a Android and iOS owners you can download the imminent FIFA 16 mobile,you must be excited.For those looking for a FIFA 16 Windows Phone release date is also cannot be said sadly.

As far as we’re aware, there is only a FIFA 16 Companion App available on Windows Phone – which you can download now for free.

It offers the ability to control your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team if you have an account, but this app doesn’t actually allow you to play matches.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team for Windows Phone confusion.

In fact the whole thing is actually very confusing. Originally the mobile version of FIFA 16 appeared early on the Canadian App Store as EA Sports FIFA.

Now we can see that it has magically been transformed into FIFA 16 Ultimate Team instead – the new name for the playable mobile app.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team for Windows Phone confusion.

Still with us? EA has done a great job on confusing everyone it seems as the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team for Windows Phone doesn’t look like it is coming out – only the Companion App which is a management tool.

We’ll reach out for some clarity from EA on this, but in the meantime let us know if you are a bit confused with the state of the FIFA 16 mobile apps.

EA Sports FIFA has now silently changed to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team overnight?Which make you feel very surprised?Or if  there is no playable FIFA 16 app for Windows Phone,are you feel upset?

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